Client: Source Interlink Media/ Motor Trend
Distribution: Motor Trend YouTube Channel
Published: October 19, 2012

Director: Duane Sempson
Co-Producer: John Smart
B Camera: John Smart
Editor: Duane Sempson

On this episode of Epic Drives, Frank Markus goes in search of the ancient bullfighting traditions that have inspired the model names of nearly every Lamborghini. Along the way he traverses Europe's highest mountain pass, attends a bullfight in the French tradition (where the bulls live to fight again), visits a ranch that raises Spain's most fearsome fighting bulls, and ends his journey by facing a matador inside the exact same bullring where the car's namesake Aventador met his valiant end in October 1993.

EPIC DRIVESEpisode 10Toro! Toro! Aventador Returns to the Ring!